Liza Littlehawk Photography

About Liza

Born in a blue school bus on “The Farm,” a large commune in Summertown, Tennessee, Liza Littlehawk has lived in thirteen states and two countries. While growing up in the smallest of small towns, USA, Liza got her first camera at age eight to capture her world. From collecting ancient pottery shards on the ranches of New Mexico to sifting through timeless jewels in her grandmother’s jewelry box in Virginia, she developed a keen eye for the details in life and an appreciation for the visually captivating world around her. Understanding that not every treasure could fit in the trunk of the family car, which often served as her home, Liza quickly discovered that her photographs required much less space.

Before migrating to Chicago, Liza completed several projects for various social organizations in the United States and South America. Now a part of the Chicago photographic community, Liza has worked for such clients at BusinessWeek, Diageo-Guinness, ComEd, McDonald's, Safeway, and The Wall Street Journal.

Liza’s interests and skills are widely diverse. In addition to her passion for photography, she is proficient in Italian and Spanish, well traveled, an avid runner, and a collector of orchids and four-leafed clovers. Her varied experiences have cultivated a unique photographic perspective and a particular attention to detail that brings life to the objects around her.